Thursday, February 20, 2020

Our BTW Only Course


This program is designed for students who have already finished the CLASSROOM part of Driver's Ed.   Students who have completed the required hours of the classroom section of any driver education program can begin to schedule their Behind the Wheel instructional training.

After completion of the BTW program, students will be issued a Blue Slip Certificate of completion.  This certificate will allow students to receive their driver's license if they are age 16 or older.

All students will schedule four different instructional driving lessons; each lesson will last three hours. During their driving lesson, students will be instructed for 90 minutes, and will observe another driver for 90 minutes. This will make up the 12 total hours of the B.T.W. portion of the course (6 hours of in car instruction & 6 hours of in car observation).  We offer Free Home Pick-UP for all scheduled driving lessons. 


How To Start


In order to start the Behind the Wheel lessons, a student must have an instructional driving permit. All Suburban Driving School will provide an application form and all necessary information if a student does not already have a driving permit. You may contact our office if you need the permit application material and we will send out the information on that same day. If you would like to obtain your driving permit sooner, you may elect to visit our office to pick up the necessary information.

Once you have your instructional driving permit, you may contact our office to begin scheduling driving lessons when it is convenient in your schedule.


Course Requirements


In order for All Suburban Driving School to file for a certificate of completion, students will need to turn in 3 items by the end of their last driving lesson:

  •  A copy of the student's driving permit.
  •  A completed blue form or a copy of the students last 2 semesters of report cards.
  •  A classroom completion letter / form signed by the student's school.

Sign Up


Sign up for Behind the Wheel (B.T.W) lessons with All Suburban Driving School today by completing this online form or call our office at 847-223-8607.

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